Let’s say you’re at a local dog park in DC, and you see a dog chasing a ball, doing dog things, and you want to call out for her to come play with you. What should you yell?

Try “Lady” or “Blue.”

Peanut! from @darth

According to a list of 1,533 dog registrations in the District in 2016, those are most likely names for female and male dogs, respectively. Here are other common pup names.

Good Boys #   Good Girls #
Blue 10   Lady 14
King 8   Chloe 11
Rocky 7   Bella 10
Charlie 6   Sheba 7
Nino 6   Princess 6
Max 6   Lola 6
Zeus 6   Sasha 6

Rambo, my favorite name on this list, is shared by four lucky dogs. Those who enjoy trademark infringement may consider “Oreo,” which is shared by five males and one female.

So what else do we know about these dogs?

For starters, they are slightly more likely to be male, and both males and females (that are registered with DC) are very likely to be fixed.

They also have a great chance of being some breed of terrier. More than a third of registered dogs is some kind of terrier or mix. The most common breed variety in DC is the Terrier / Pit Bull mix, with 233 registrants.

Dogs in DC are also on the younger side, as on this chart (measured in people years).

The data on who the dogs are in DC comes from a dataset FOIA’d and compiled by the great Kate Rabinowitz.

Hopefully, this has been a good excuse for you to go out and pet a pup!