Blog ideas

  • How viral are my followers’ tweets after accounting for their total follower level? ..- use the 538 Messi graphs to show retweets vs followers at time of tweet
  • Determining the Uber surcharge?
  • When will a movie go out of a theater? - AKA: how to know when a movie bombs?
    • use IMDB dataset?
  • Map my family’s history through web scraping
    • Full text as html(
    • Grandpa:
    • The whole lineup, honestly
    • Could also trace family pattern through locations listed at their birth and death places
    • Ages
  • Take the WSJ story on literary word choice and replicate it for WSJ
  • predict presidential approval rating / right direction/wrong track / given some set of inputs like party approval etc

Notes on blogging

  • Make sure your axes are intuitive
  • Pelican is a good CMS for managing markdown files